The School of Rock UK musical director Matt Smith with some of the kids auditioning this week in Melbourne.

Herald Sun, Catherine Lambert

The most talented kids in Victoria have been swarming auditions for School of Rock – The Musical  in Melbourne this week.

From 1000 submissions, 50 children are auditioning before the show’s UK musical director Matt Smith.

“From what I’ve seen, I don’t feel it’s going to be too difficult to cast,” Smith says.

“We’re not asking for much really – the kids have to have a real understanding of rock music, most have to play solo like a professional and they also have to sing, act and dance. 

“It’s not much to ask is it?”

The typically ironic UK director says the children will be aged 9-12 and there are 12 roles to fill in three separate casts. 

This show is particularly demanding because the children have to be musicians, not only singers, dancers and actors.  The choreography calls on some high energy moves and the signing is also demanding.

“From what we worked with in the UK, the kids always rise up and I don’t see it being any different here,” Smith says.

“Audiences are always wowed to see kids do all these amazing things on stage.  There are a lot of talented kids out there who will be able to learn the disciplines even if they haven’t done it before.  Some of them need to be particularly strong singers for their solo numbers. Many of the songs are just carried by the kids.”

Smith is also in town to cast the adult roles.  All of the cast will be announced late May.