Cherami Mya is making her professional debut as Katie in GWB’s Production ofSchool of Rock!Her first musical was Annie with Brisbane Junior Theatre. Since then, a few of her many theatre credits include:Young Fiona in Shrek, Marta in The Sound of Music and Flounder in The Little Mermaid.She was one of the tap dancers in Dance Direction Queensland’s, Frost (2016). Recently, she was one of the featured vocalists in Creative Generation State School Onstage (2018) which was televised nationally on Channel TEN.Her first instrument was the drums, which she learnt at just five years old. Today, she still continues to learn the drums and bass guitar at Aplus Music Academy. Cherami Mya is extremely honoured and ecstatic to be a part ofSchool of Rock!She can’t wait for the audience to be captivated by the talented cast and creative team she fortunately gets to work with