This form is to be filled out by a parent, guardian or agent only – once completed this is automatically sent to our casting team who will only be in touch with more information if you fit the criteria. YOUR CHILD MUST BE UNDER FIVE FEET TALL (152 cms), AGED 8-13 YEARS AND A RESIDENT OF AUSTRALIA.  Anyone who does not fit this criteria is unlikely to receive a response. Please do not expect immediate answers – all invites typically are sent a month before whichever audition they have applied for if they are suitable. Please use the form below to send your contact details, CV and a photograph. We also require you to send us a video of you playing an instrument/s, and/or singing a pop/rock song, PLUS reading some lines from the script. Audition Submission Due Date: Friday 16 March 2018


First, start off by telling us your name, date of birth (include the year), your height (cms) and which city in Australia you’re from. BOYS who play guitar, piano, and/or drums AND GIRLS who play bass guitar, drums and/or cello

  • Please include a video of you playing a song (1-2 minutes duration) on your instrument of choice – pop/rock if possible.

  • If you play more than one of the instruments listed, please play a brief song for each instrument.

BOYS OR GIRLS who are really strong singers but don’t play an instrument

  • Please include a video demonstrating a song of choice (1-2 minutes duration) – pop/rock if possible.

BOYS OR GIRLS who play one or more of the above listed instruments and who are also really strong singers

  • Please include a video of you demonstrating a song of choice (1-2 minutes duration) – pop/rock if possible, whilst playing your instrument, with different accompaniment, or acapella.


  • Please act out a scene with your Mum, Dad or friend reading the other lines. You are the only one that needs to be filmed on camera.

Auditions Will be held in Melbourne and Sydney only: Melbourne – 2-8 April with final call back auditions being held on 15 and 16 April 2018. Sydney – 9-12 April 2018 with final call back auditions being held on 13 and 14 April 2018.
To download more information, including Adult roles, click here.